A Brief Introduction of Zanjabeel Book Store

We are Zanjabeel. A group of enthusiastic bibliophilic fangirls who wanted to build a bookstore that sells not just books, but gives the readers a chance to relive their bookish loves.

In 2016, we started as a regular e-commerce based store but soon evolved into something more than a bookshop. We are the first of its kind store in Pakistan that started creating fan-favourite merchandise inspired by the novels of Nemrah Ahmed.

We love creating. So we create. We love spreading colours. So we fill our creations with the best colours out there. There are catchphrases from books that stay with us for years. We make these phrases and memories tangible by pasting them on items of daily use.

At Zanjabeel, we aim to build clients, not customers. And our bond with our clients speaks for itself. However, there is a side of ours that many people do not know. We had to break the glass ceiling when we started this bookstore. We set up a team of girls only. Girls who needed employment but couldn’t afford to go out of the house to work. Zanjabeel gave them a friendly and comfortable environment to work. Now these girls are financially empowered and are becoming their own heroes.

Girls built this bookstore. And girls are running it. We cannot be more proud of ourselves. And yet we cannot be more thankful to Allah SWT for enabling us to empower the girls around us.

We hope to see you visiting our store more often!


Kind Regards

The Zee Team