The Story of Zanjabeel:

Dear Members and Viewers around the world.

BEFORE we begin to reveal what is Zanjabeel and we promise you will know in detail in this video…

We want you to know the Story of Zanjabeel…

And to know that, you will have to travel back in time with us…

Three years ago, When Nemrah Ahmed’s bestseller novel Jannat Kay Pattay was published in book form, We were as excited as you were. We couldn’t wait to get hold of the book in our hands. We were happy and peaceful. Calm and awaiting.


The Book was released in the bookstores. And suddenly the Team NAO found itself in middle of a mayhem. A chaos. We knew the response will be massive. 

We, although, never anticipated it to be THAT massive (Alhumdolilah! 

But despite of all our preparations, we met with some challenges we were not ready for! The biggest of them all was, When our members from Pakistan and abroad asked us “How can we order the book online and get a home delivery?”

Because we could not deliver them the book ourselves, we had the answers ready! Because we could not deliver ourselves, we gave them a list of phone numbers and email addresses and Facebook page links of online stores. Because we could not deliver ourselves, we asked them to contact these publishers/online stores and order their copies!

They Did! 

And to increase our worry, our valuable members came back to us with complaints:

“They don’t pick up the phone!”

“Our emails are not responded”

“Facebook Pages do not answer our queries.”

Only 10 percent of the members were met with a quick response. Rest of them had trouble getting the delivery. Because we could not deliver it ourselves, we spent a great deal of depressing time in connecting people with publishers.

It was chaotic. And we felt unhappy.Because we could not deliver it ourselves!!

In the past few years, our members ask us again and again if we deliver NA’s books. And we tell them that we do not. Because we cannot!

But one day…

We asked ourselves… WHY can we NOT?

And so we got together… and along with Nemrah, we came up with an IDEA! It sounded crazy in the beginning, But didn’t all great ideas sound crazy once? Today, we are happy, humbled, and overjoyed to announce, That Nemrah Ahmed and her Team are launching:


ZANJABEEL, meaning Ginger in Arabic, is the name of one of the springs in Jannah. Water symbolizes Wahi e Ilahi, iLm and Knowledge so we named our Little Spring of Knowledge “Zanjabeel”. 

Zanjabeel is an online bookstore founded by Nemrah Ahmed. Here, you can online order any of NA’s books and we will deliver them to you at Market price. All you have to do is to message us, and there is no need to mention how good we are at getting back to you ;’)


A Question arises here…

WHY will you buy from us when you can always buy from bookshops? And if you live in a small city or abroad where bookshops do not keep NA’s novels, you still can order from any other online bookstore. Then why US?

We won’t tell you WHY US!

We will tell you, WHY NOT US! 

At Zanjabeel, we aim towards making Clients, not just Customers. A Family, not just a reading community.

Now we ask you, why should we NOT be your first choice when shopping for NA’s novels? 

But Hold On!

We are not done yet! We are a Bookstore, but Books are not the only things we have in store for you!! .

For the first time:

In the history of Pakistani Pop Fiction Novels Culture…

Zanjabeel – A Bookstore by Nemrah Ahmed happily presents to you


Do you have a friend who loves Namal or Jannat Kay Pattay? Why not take tea with them in our personalized Mugs?

A little brother who rolls up his sleeves like our very own Jihaan? Gift him our T-Shirts for his birthday! 

A sister who does not want to forget her favourite Naml excerpts?  Place this in her room.

And yes… we also have NA’s printed-autographed pens. .. Novels excerpts printed Note-pads and diaries… and much more we will reveal with time in sha’Allah…

We ask again, WHY NOT US? 😉

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